The Genesis Of Swatantra Rock

Benny and Hitesh were members of Euphoria for over 18 years & 14 years respectively and Lokesh was working as a General Manager – Business Development & Client Relations, for a leading multi-national company.

However, sometime in early 2010 Benny & Hitesh, found themselves at crossroads, to choose between a path that was righteous and just and stand up for their principles and values or continue with Euphoria and compromise on their integrity. They chose the former, and were extremely driven to further their musical horizons. Being live performers, composers and songwriters and having been members of a band all their lives, forming a new band was the natural and obvious choice.

With over ten years of business experience with multinationals, Lokesh was working in Bangalore as a General Manager and during some of his business trips to Mumbai, he had started jamming with an old band mate and writing songs together. It was another such jam session in Delhi much later that made him realize that destiny had a completely different plan in store and it was time he went back to his first love, music.

When the three met and jammed together, they realised the potential of their musical chemistry and that was the birth and genesis of Eka. Eka performed together for the first time in August 2010 and has been performing at leading events and venues within India and internationally ever since.