Eka is the winner of the BEST GROUP award at ArtistAloud Awards 2 years in a row and is doing a lot of College Fests/Music Festivals/Literature festivals/Corporate Events/Private Social Events and Music Production work currently. Eka was also amongst the top 4 finalists for the EC LIVE Quotient Awards in the ‘Best Band’ category. The other finalists in this category were Indian Ocean, Parikrama & Euphoria.

What does Eka Mean?
Eka (ay~kaa) Unity; Oneness
Having one and the same purpose
Eka, a three-letter sanskrit word, means unity, having one and same purpose. In musical terms, it means ‘in unison’ and for the band it means connecting and being one (Eka) with their innermost selves, with those who create music and with those who appreciate it.

What’s Eka’s Genre of Music?
Eka calls its music ‘Swatantra Rock’ – music beyond genres, time and boundaries.
To the band it means music …
… that has a feel of timelessness to it
… that knows no boundaries, geographical or that of the mind. There is so much to get inspired from and even more to learn. While composing & arranging a new song, Eka believes in going with the flow of music and developing it organically into a direction that the song demands. Eka’s endeavour is to make music that connects with every heart irrespective of their geography, background or age.

Eka Live:
“Big show, small show
Doesn’t matter here we go
Naye dost banayenge, apne gaane gayenge
Hum Hain Eka”

Eka is a versatile band and has to its credit a wide range of events including performing for large scale concerts to some very intimate drawing room sized settings for discerning audiences. Eka regularly performs at Music Festivals, Public concerts, Literature Festivals, College Fests, Social Cause Events, Corporate Events, Private Social Events & pubs. Eka delivers power-packed and highly engaging performances during live shows. The sound and arrangements are refreshingly unique incorporating elements of Rock, Pop, Sufi, Funk, Blues and Jazz. Besides playing original music primarily in Hindi and English, Eka enjoys performing popular, classic and contemporary Hindi, English and regional covers by weaving them into exciting medleys. Eka’s belief on stage is to play music that entertains and connects with the audience. As a result Eka’s shows are high energetic performances that traverse eras and connect with a wide audience instantly. Eka believes in collaborating with likeminded artistes, both new and established.

Eka’s Production Work
Eka does a fair bit of music production work, including composing, producing, arranging and writing original music content for various brands, events and television. Times of India Earth Care Awards – Eka has produced, composed and arranged a completely original soundtrack for Times of India Earth Care Awards two years in a row and it also plans to release it’s Green Album soon.

o    Anthem for EEMA’s annual convention, EEMAGINE.

o    Title track for ‘Aspire – The Music to Money Challenge’ on Zee Business.

o    Official title track for The Great Indian OctoberFest


~What is Eka’s typical PERFORMANCE DURATION?
Eka’s typical performance duration is about 2-2.5 HOURS wherein the focus of our performance is completing on delivering high-energy entertainment.

~WHAT KIND OF MUSIC does Eka play?
Music that connects with the heart and gets the audience to sing and dance along to. Eka has a very diverse playlist to choose from including lots of popular new Bollywood, good ‘ol classic Retro – Bollywood, Classic Rock, Sufi, Punjabi and even some songs in regional languages including Bengali, Telegu, Konkani, Marathi, Spanish etc. Eka chooses popular songs and adds their own twist to them, sometimes packaging them into non-stop medleys and creating sections within the performance where the members jump into the audience and interact and engage with them. (Please find Eka’s comprehensive Set List as attached for your reference)

Eka comprises of:
· Benjamine ‘Benny’ Pinto on Vocals & Keyboards (Ex-Euphoria)
· Hitesh ‘Rikki’ Madan on Vocals & Guitars (Ex-Euphoria)
· Lokesh Madan on Vocals & Bass (formerly, a General Manager – Client Relations & Business Development at a multi-national)
Eka’s live act also features Kunal Netrapal on the drums.

~WHICH CITY are you based out of:
Eka is based out of New Delhi.

6 including 4 members on stage, a sound engineer and a stage technician.

The members of Eka are seasoned musicians and have performed at over 2500 concerts in 17 countries and have recorded over 130 songs in various capacities. Some of these performances include the Indo-Pak peace concert at the UN General Assembly Hall, New York, the Great Wall of China and the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, U.S.A. Eka calls its music ‘Swatantra Rock’ – music beyond music, time and boundaries.

Eka’s highly engaging performances traverse eras connecting with a wide audience instantly. In addition to performing live, Eka does a fair bit of music production work for various brands, events and television. Eka has done a completely original soundtrack for the JSW Steel – Times of India Earth Care Awards 2 years in a row (2011 and 2012) and the title track for ‘Aspire – The Music to Money Challenge’ on Zee Business.
Eka has also done the official title track for The Great Indian OctoberFest 2011 &’12, Bangalore and the Anthem for EEMA’s EEMAGINE 2012 & 2013.