Hitesh “Rikki” Madan

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Vocals & Guitars

Hitesh’s tryst with music started at an early age of four. From being called upon by his teachers in school to sing and entertain in the classroom, to winning the ‘Best Guitarist’ accolades at most of the competitions he entered, Hitesh has loved every bit of his journey as a musician. He founded Canzona along with Lokesh and credits his alma mater, Mount St. Mary’s for giving him the encouragement, platform and confidence that eventually shaped his career.

By the age of 17, Hitesh was the lead guitarist of Euphoria and soon after graduating in commerce from Hindu college, he set up his own recording studio. Besides contributing towards compositions and arrangements for all the Euphoria albums released till early 2010 and even engineering many recordings for Euphoria, Hitesh’s vast experience in the studio environment includes sessions playing on Bollywood soundtracks including Kabul Express, Sunday and Phirr. He has worked on jingles, corporate anthems and an internationally released album ‘Geek Rhythms’ as music producer, composer and arranger.

As director of Aria Music & Theatre Conservatory, he feels God has given him the opportunity to give back to society what he has learnt in life as a musician.


Benjamine “Benny” Pinto

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Vocals & Keyboards

Benjamine “Benny” Pinto is Hum Hain Eka with Rikki & Loke, so while still in his teens Bag Uthaya, and arrived in saddi Dilli in his pursuit for Paisa, Happiness and Truth…Satyameva Jayate for sure, & his mantra for happiness is Habba

And Jaane Kyun, he just loves the Lassi and the Nimboo Paani!

In love with his Daughter, She’s Beautiful and boy oh boy can you feel it in the air?

He subscribes to Mahatma Gandhi’s point of view… Be the change you want to see.

And if you can feel the vibe of the Swatantra Rock

Be Eka with The Eka and groove to their Bhol Sa Sa Ga Ga Ma Ma Pa Pa Ni Sa

(Do Do Mi Mi Fa Fa Sol Sol Si Do )…Chalte Jaana

Benjamine “Benny” is a versatile  musician equally at ease performing pop/rock/jazz/gospel music.

He founded The Black Slade and joined The Euphoria in the ‘ 90’s composing and performing with them till the summer of 2010.

Benny feels that music runs in his blood. It is his way of expressing the moments of happiness, joy or sorrow.

So, true to his calling  the long-haired Keyboardist sets the stage on fire not just with his music, but also with his showmanship or when he performs in his church on a Sunday morning.

Growing up in Goa has it’s own perks, you are blessed with plenty of Sunshine Sand songs and all the good words that start with ‘S’…it is also the land of Remo Fernandes, and after having watched Remo, you want to grow up to be a Remo…

Anthony Gonsalves aka Vijay aka Don aka Big B.… your inspiration to be a musician from an actor? You’ll know it when you replay the famous ‘My name is Anthony Gonsalves’.

And my Father, who played almost all instruments.


Lokesh Madan

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Vocals & Bass

Lokesh started singing at the age of 4 and began playing the guitar at the age of 14 by listening to records and replicating what he heard. His mother used to listen to a lot of spiritual music & punjabi folk songs, this along with the experience of discovering and experimenting with a lot of new music from across genres and eras while in school (Mount St. Mary’s) played a key role in making music an integral part of his early years. At school, he regularly performed at events and won numerous music competitions where he sang and played the six string and later was hooked to the bass guitar. Lokesh also won the coveted Mr. MSM title while graduating from school.

After completing high school, he co-founded Canzona with Hitesh. The band won a number of All India competitions and later was perhaps one of the youngest gigging bands during its time, performing at concerts & wooing crowds across the country. Lokesh has also played for leading music & theatre productions in Delhi.

He moved to Bangalore in 2002, this phase of his life included pursuing post graduation in Marketing and a rewarding corporate career. His last assignment in the corporate world was that of a General Manager – Business Development & Client Relations, for a leading multi-national. During some of his business trips to Mumbai, he had started jamming with an old band mate and writing songs together. It was another such jam session in Delhi much later that made him realize that with over 10 years of corporate experience behind him, destiny had a completely different plan in store and it was time he went back to his first love, music. When the trio met and jammed together, they realised the potential of their musical chemistry and that was the birth and genesis of Eka. The rest as they say, is history!

Lokesh’s music influences include Freddie Mercury (Queen), Bono (U2), Paul McCartney/The Beatles, Billy Sheehan (Mr. Big), Dave La Rue, Victor Wooten, Joe Satriani, Bon Jovi, G’NR, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, RD Burman, Kishore Kumar, KK, and AR Rahman.